Leafy Letters

Fauna to Flora
18th March 2002

Dear Flora,

                    I wish you were here, it is so different as compared to back home. Oh, I am in Singapore now, in the zoo, there is only one zoo here. It is a rather decent place, nothing compares to home though. Send my regards to everyone, I miss you all.

                    I think people in Singapore are not too aware of our situation, or they just do not wish to act on it. Shopping is probably everyone's favourite pastime, I see people carrying paper or plastic bags here all the time with bright red "SALE" signs. Do you know that the bags are free? Unlike in Germany where I was before. It is a different country, a different culture I suppose. Paper bags accumulated by a person in a lifetime can amount to a forest and plastic bags will still be around after humans are extinct. Carelessly thrown away wrappers, cans and bottles will soon overrun the land when space has run out to bury them in, deep within the recesses. There is not a lot of awareness of the situation the environment is in, the ecosystem, maybe it can be alluded to the fact that there are no forests here but it is just a city island.

                    Amazingly Singapore is known as the Garden City, well it is not too surprising I guess, there are a lot of green around. I just get easily irritated as you might know, and seeing some of the things that happen here annoys me, culture shock perhaps. It is still interesting now, every new place is for a while, before it gets boring again. I have some friends now and one of them is called Ah Meng, now that is a funny fellow.

                    I am having fun but I only wish I did not feel such animosity towards these people who I see as plain inconsiderate. Not everyone realises that what goes around comes around, history has only taught us so much. They do not feel the effects of their actions now but the consequences might haunt their descendents.

                    I hope we are not losing numbers too quickly back home, I know how hard it is to survive in this commercial age. Seeing as that we need as much help as we can get, I was thinking of trying to talk some sense into the people here, but all they do is gawk and stare. Perhaps it is too difficult for some humans to imagine resources running low when so much here is in abundance. What people do not see is not in the agenda.

                The show is starting soon, I will have to end. Hope everyone is doing fine and send my love to your parents and some kisses. I hope I will leave here soon, I do not get along with people who are not conscious about the rather dire situation some of us are in.

                Take care and write me soon. I need some cheering up. Hope there is good news.



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Tong Shuyi