Leafy Letters

Flora to Fauna
1st April 2002

Dear Fauna,

                    I hope things are going well for you now, I am still back home with my parents. They send their love. I wish there are places that I can go, but truth is I can only survive in some places, not everywhere is suitable for me. No doubt it is the same with most of us, but your mobility allows you get to see more places. I would not have survived long in Germany.

                    It is getting warm but the heat is still tolerable, this global warming thing might not be a hoax after all. You are as aware as me that we have been losing our homes due to the fires and some of our friends perished in them. Now, there are some developers checking out the land and that is worrying us. We are not sure how much more time we have here, the landlord is very unreasonable and negotiating with him is quite impossible since he does not understand us.

                  I am sorry there that this letter might not be too reassuring but you know I am never one to lie.

                 Everything is blossoming now though, it is beautiful, a sight that you rarely forget. I am sure you remember those days when everything feels wonderful. I have grown quite tall and I can get such a great view around me; the array of colours, not forgetting the chirping to wake me every morning, and morning glory creeping up to have a chat. Fern wishes to say hi too.

                I need to go soon, the birds need some feeding and they are reminding me already. Do not mistake their tiny sizes, they eat quite a bit, and they can get pretty loud especially when they are hungry.

       Write me when you can. May you have success talking to the people in Singapore and letting them understand our situation. There might be the chance that they will start changing their policies and consider us when they make their decisions. I hope the same goes for our landowner. We have been successful in gaining the support of many, like Greenpeace, I refuse to believe we are fighting a losing battle.

                Heads up now, we will see the silver lining soon.



Re-right Publications
Tong Shuyi