Ode to the Internet.

Singapore - The Internet craze has driven many besotted young fans literally to the edge, of their screens. A worldwide phenomenon was observed today at 8:00am Singapore time – Whenever anyone tried to surf the net, they were ultimately greeted with the same message. 

Never before in the unprecedented history of the Internet, was a ‘last page’ ever encountered. Now more than before, people prayed that they could once again see the dreaded error message, “the URL you have requested cannot be found on this server”

Once greeted with curses, hisses and boos, this nemesis looks set to become the latest darling of all Internet geeks. At least it was an indication that the Internet worked. People of all ages and occupations are now walking the streets in mute protest, dazed faces not knowing whether to go “back” or “forward”. Without a daily “menu” prescription with a list of their “favorites”, one is left literally ‘hanging’.

Indeed, some citizens have reportedly been overheard saying “ Without the internet, I feel as if I had lost some part of my “history”, I seem to have lost all direction, the impulse to go forward or backward or even to find my way Home”

Shares have fallen, trade markets are disintegrating, online trading has ceased with the last page of the internet. Companies and banks have gone bankrupt in a night, the small time bookie stands steadfastly with pen and paper in hand. He is the anchor in a sea of chaos, and yet the people deride him saying that this is just a temporary lapse.

This looks set to last; who can create more pages in time in order to shore up and reinstate the global network of the internet. Not Bill Gates, who now sits in his office counting his 26 billion and deciding that it should be enough to last him a lifetime without working. The common man in the street can no longer work, his boss has lost all records of him; his past, his present is future, his attendance and his photo online - all have been reduced to a record. He can no longer recognize which of the men is his employee.

Who is the man that appeals at the government office? A clerk we interviewed said “I’m sorry sir, we have no record of you on our computer, all our records are kept on an online database, you are a lost entity, a thing with no past, no present, no future. In fact, you are Nobody”.

In a bid to “save” their last vestiges of sanity and to delete all traces of history from the annals of internet surfing, surfers now reformed citizens with a life of their own have resorted to deleting the internet explorer from their desktops. Stubbornly refusing to disappear without some prior protest, messages have reportedly been shown across desktops

“The Internet is too large for the Recycle Bin. Would you like to delete The Internet?”

With a sigh and the freedom of deliverance, we consign The Internet into cyber-oblivion.   

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   Cheong Su-Wei, Audrey