Greetings and salutations our honoured readers ( yes, you who obviously have TOO much time on your hands ). The more adept and observant amongst the lot would have already taken notice of our tagline – “Righting what’s left of the world” ( yes, a well deserved pat on the back ).

            Well, wonder no more, how the scribble adds meaning to our concept of re-righting. The scribble is the emblem of the most primitive form of writing. Because that is what you first write when u learn to hold a pencil ? So the scribble is also connotative of the simplicity and innocence of the act of writing, as when u first learn how to write or scribble, you have no preconceptions of what rules to follow and what is perceived to be right or wrong. Therefore, since our magazine is about re-writing the issues we think are ridiculous and are therefore aimed at undermining serious institutions and policies, the scribble would therefore be the purest and most untainted emblem of true writing in its highest form, albeit an ironic symbol. It symbolizes the act of disassociation with all that's 'socially correct' or polite. It is unsaddled with whatever modern rules we have set down in the act of writing, like being politically correct, writing in an acceptable way, in good English .. ( yada, yada, yada )

The scribbles are a representation of an anti-establishment design. We have been brought up with the ingrained notion that designs had to be neat and orderly because when you present something to the customer or teacher, you cannot have a dirty drawing board or scribbling at the side. Nevertheless, the scribbles do play a significant role in embodying the theme of this magazine.

            If  there happens to be a certain sense of amateurism in the logo itself  ( which is intentional…. Hmm have you been paying any attention at all ?! ) you can choose to  despise it and call it trash.  We prefer to call it a form of art because it has meaning, it is a symbol of our magazine. ( It pays to be intellectually superior doesn’t it ? )

            With all that said and done, happy reading folks !!!!!



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