A Grim Fairy Tale
Once upon a time in a galaxy far away...
Local Music
War has been declared against the covert action of foreign musicians...
Leafy letters
Earthly creatures reveling in the wonders of...
Death match
Ariel Sharon and Yassar Arafat settle the score on MTV's Deathmatch...

of John Doe

A word of advice for the volunteers of Neighborhood Watch...

Sonnet XVIII
Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, lies lie in the eye
An Interview with Enid Python
World famous children author has made a comeback.
Microsofty Shakes the World
Media worldwide has turned their attention to this little city.
Ode to the Internet
An epitaph to the internet. 
Of Hamsters and Vampires
My take on the 'Queen of the Damned'