Of Vampires and Hamsters:
My Take on
  'Queen of the Damned'

If you are one who believes that the entire vampiric tradition can be reduced to making a grand entrance, by erupting from beneath a concrete stage, emerging with remnants of dust and chunks of the stage stuck to your body, definitely, the Queen of the Damned is the movie you should set your Saturday aside to watch.

By all means, watch it with your family. For all its comic value, your 5-year old daughter might end up pestering you halfway through the show to bring her home - she would rather watch her pet dwarf hamster bare its fangs at her when she tries to disturb its afternoon siesta. 

No...I'm not an advocate of animal abuse unless you include my dislike of snakes. This after all is what the 'Queen of the Damned' is about, writhing bodies, by one particularly prolific nubile body in the shape of lead actress  cum snake, Aaliyah.

With the perfect cacophony of rock music that jars through the movie, coupled with writhing bodies and barred teeth, I think I'd rather watch my hamster dance to the music of Britney Spears - at least he'd look better. 


All I can say is that watching it only imposed on me one significant event, that was grudging admiration for the way Aaliyah managed to wriggle her belly almost like traditional belly dances. As with all of Ann Rice's vampiric novels which enunciate some philosophy about what it means to truly live or die, or be in the nether region between both; I left, however, after the movie with a greater determination to take up belly dancing.... Just                                                      



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   Cheong Su-Wei, Audrey