A Grim Fairy Tale

            Once upon a time in a galaxy far away, there used to be three little pigs. Well, as it turns out, they were not that little after all and soon enough they had to move out on their own and build a house of their own. Interestingly enough and to make the whole task seem more challenging to the three not so little pigs, there were news circulating about a big bad wolf that was out to devour anything and anyone who was out in the open. Now, one would immediately seek for cover because of the terrible news, but not our three not so little pigs here. They do not believe in jumping to conclusions and stereotyping the big bad wolf as carnivorous. Thus, they set about on their tasks in their own time and pace.

            Although the pigs come from a galaxy far away, they still had the same technology we did, or even slightly more advanced, and depended very much on it to survive. In fact, it was their way of life. Therefore, it is not surprising then that the very first pig took out his laptop, and logged on to the internet for building materials and building plans. He intended to order all the materials through the internet and was to pay for his purchase with his new gold MistressCard.

            However, something was wrong with the connection that day. The lines were all jammed and even if he managed to log on the internet, he would still be wasting time in front of his laptop because the pages would still take forever to load. Soon enough the big bad wolf strolled along and he did not even have to huff and puff his way to the pig. He pounced from behind and did what big bad wolves normally did to not so little delicious looking pigs.

            The second pig was a very popular pig and soon enough she was calling and SMS-ing all her friends to find out if they could help her with the building of her new house.  In the middle of one of her phone conversations, she thought she heard a cry or a scream but brushed it off as poor reception from her mobile phone. This couldn’t-care-less attitude also resulted in her suffering the same fate as the very first pig. She was too distracted trying to type out an SMS reply to her friend when the big bad wolf accosted her.

            The third pig however, tried to draw out a suitable plan for his house and decided to do the calculations on his PawPilot. However, the battery went flat. Luckily enough, this third pig is innovative so he decided to go back to the basics and he soon enough was seated comfortably in his house made of wood, straw and brick. As fate would have it, the big bad wolf also chanced upon his house but since he was just a big bad wolf and not a greedy big bad wolf, he decided he was done for the day and returned to big bad wolf land.

            The third little pig found out about his siblings death over the evening news and he cried his eyes out for days. He blamed everything, especially technology. And from that day onwards he swore that he and his descendants would live without technology. So, once upon a time in a galaxy far way, one not so little pig lives techno-phobically ever after.

©Re-right publications
   Muhammed Faizad Bin Salim