Profiles of Righters


Mission: Telling you what is wrong with us

We are...


Always ready for her mug shot

Managed cover page and illustrations 

Authoress of

Tragedy of John Doe in Superman's Cloak & Death Match of the Century

   Juliet Chia



   Permanent bad hair days

Dreams of being in a toothpaste advert

Authoress of Sonnet XVIII & Leafy Letters also

    what your eyes see now...  

Tong Shuyi




Preferring to appear as her favourite hamster

Authoress of

Of Hamsters and Vampires

Ode to the Internet

Brain behind the Manifesto

Audrey Cheong


Being the only male righter

he is too ashamed to show his face

author of 

A Grim Fairy Tale and War on the Local Music Front

Realised Manifesto on screen

Muhammed Faizad Bin Salim



disillusioned and appearing

as a mirage

authoress of

An interview with Enid Python

Microsofty, the Computer Whiz Kids City Shakes the World

Top 3 Winners for Poetry + Picture Contest

And the Disclaimer

Tan Sze Yin


Please note that we would like to say that this publication has been a concerted effort of all named above.
Main responsibilities of the writers was their articles and the introductions to them on the templates.
Everyone helped out with everyone else's other responsibilities outside of writing the articles to make this journal coherent.

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