An Interview With Enid Python

World Famous Children Author has made a comeback!

Newest Series Amnesia, The Naughtiest Boy In School Is Based on True-Life Accounts!


SY: Mr Python, firstly I must congratulate you on the success of your newest series. What makes you want to write a series dedicated to a mere boy of thirteen?

Mr Python(look of admiration like that of a schoolgirl for a pop idol) : Amnesia Push has the most amiable qualities in him, that of charity, sympathy and righteousness. I want to tell all the children of the world his heroic deeds.

SY: This is funny. Why then did you name him The Naughtiest Boy In School?

Mr Python (grinning delightfully): This is meant to be ironic. It is what I’m best at. It is what all others perceive of him. Those fools. I bet they will change their minds after reading my books. The idea of Amnesia as the Naughtiest Boy will be a piece of history everyone forgets like all history.

SY: Tell us more about Amnesia’s heroic deeds that moved you so deeply.

Mr Python:  Like his name suggests, the best thing Amnesia did is to forget the past. Despite his predecessors having had two major fights involving the whole school and causing massive casualties when he was only in Grade 2, he chose to forget this fact and move on with what he has to do. He is so much like Amnesia Push Senior, his father. In line with his school’s motto of “Purging the World of Evil,” he has done Washing Tons of Dirt Centre  extremely proud. His predecessors used amateurish weapons like paper bullets and wire bullets made from twisting two staples together or at best itchy powder and stink bombs. The Amnesia administration has directed his military team to prepare contingency plans to use an extremely destructive and powerful kind of weapon (derived from splitting the stink bomb) against seven other classes.

SY: What kind of evil does Amnesia go against? Who are his enemies?

Mr Python: All very justified I must say. His father went against a big time school bully named Satan Hissing and he is now against another mega big time bully everyone calls Dustbin Ladle. Ladle set fire to the most precious twin peaks of bookshelves and his teacher’s favourite five-angled table. The Pushs are right in trying to destroy these people before they do greater harm to the school. So what’s a few innocent parties in their classes? A small price to pay…

SY: Amnesia does sound very strong and powerful … …

Mr Python (very eagerly): Why, yes indeed, he said so himself once: “ I don’t care what the school thinks of my class and I as long as they respect our strength. After all, we have the means to stink the whole school to death since we are the only surviving super-power in the school!” Such might and glory is what I want my readers to appreciate.

 SY: One last question, Mr Python. What do you think Amnesia will gain by destroying half the school? Will he be able to live with a conscience?

Mr Python (looking seriously puzzled): Conscience? What’s that?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF INTERVIEW  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Tan Sze Yin