Top 3 Winners for the Computer Whiz Kid Poetry + Picture Contest

Kids sent in their works for a poetry and picture contest whereby they are required to both write poems and draw accompanying pictures for any theme related to computers. Here are the top three winners who will each stand to win a lifetime supply of upgrades from Microsoft. The first prize winner will get the newest upgrade ahead of the second and the second ahead of the third.


First Prize

Jack And Jill met on the net

To be good friends and chat

Jack came out and lost his life

And Jill lived on with his lie




Second Prize



Rain, rain, not your turf

Never ever come again

Little Johnny wants to surf.


Third Prize


Eencey Weencey Spider

Crawled all over the screen

Now press the “Shut Down”

And drive poor Eencey out

On comes the power

The web comes on again

And Eencey Weency Spider

Links us all again